CULTURAL DAY: Omu Anioma Admonishes Children To See Education As Their Future


By Patrick Ochei

The highly revered culture enthusiast and Omu Anioma, Her Royal Majesty, Obi Martha Dunkwu has advised the pupils and students of Skyset Schools Okpanam, to see education as their future, adding that nothing can ever jeopardise their future endeavours if they focused seriously on their academics.


The Omu who was represented by her Media Consultant, Comrade Patrick Ochei gave this admonition at the Cultural Day Celebration of the school, which held at the NTA Asaba open field on Saturday, 2nd April, 2022.


According to Omu Dunkwu, “Education is the global key that unlocks all doors. That’s why it is recognised as the best legacy any parents can bequeath to their children.


“Your future is in your hands if only you can take the positive path of education. This is the best opportunity you have to study and become the best person you desire for yourself.


“Do not allow the influences of your peers to distract you and derail you from the positive side of life. Make your parents proud of you by concentrating on your studies and by so doing advance the society. This is because the society is awaiting your best for its advancement and development”, Omu Anioma admonished.

Omu further made inferences to the fact that majority of youths these days see education as scam, reiterating that education is not a scam but that such opinion is just a figment of the imagination of those youths who want to take excuse to indulge in negative social vices.

She urged them not to join the bandwagon of derailing young ones as a result of the decay in our societal values, but to stick to the good conducts their parents and teachers are trying to advance to them.

Also admonishing the children in his speech was the Asagba of Okpanam and Chairman of the Cultural Day Celebration, Obi (Dr) Adimabua Ozili.


He equally frowned at the attitude of mothers who could not prepare their girl children for the cooking competition at the event, thereby leaving him with the option of giving monetary reward to the only outstanding cooking competitor at the Cultural Day.

In his closing remark at the end of the ceremony, the Proprietor of Skyset Schools who is a veteran journalist, Mr. Carl Ofonye appreciated God for the grace to drive the vision of helping society grow through education.

He said the success of the event is the consequence of the dedication of the management and staff of the school, who are passionate and committed to proper education of the children under their care.

Ofonye also highlighted the concerns of Obi Ozili over the inability of other students to compete against the only student competitor who is a native of Imo State by origin.


The Proprietor in an absolute authority to reward hardwork, declared no tuition fee for the girl in her first term next session, except boarding fee. This he said, is to reawaken the spirit of competition among the students and to spur them to prepare for next session’s competitive activities.

Highlight of the event was the different cultural exhibitions by students and their families from various tribes. The family of Mrs. Esther Patrick from Edo State emerged the Best Dressed and Represented Family, thereby winning the privilege of being featured in the school’s Photo Book for next session.