With its crystal objectives, EKU Broadcasting Company Ltd (EBC) is committed to transforming the broadcasting landscape by delivering an unmatched and captivating listening experience through its stations: EKU FM, Gravitas FM, and Indigo FM. EBC is to be the leading source of diverse and highquality content that caters to a wide range of audiences . EBC is dedicated to providing unique programming that entertains, informs, and enriches listeners’ lives. Her goal is to establish a platform that encourages community engagement, celebrates cultural diversity, and sets a new benchmark for excellence in broadcasting.

Eku FM

Target Audience:

EBC’s inclusive approach targets a global audience, encompassing men, women, youths and educational backgrounds. Its reach extends beyond Nigeria, engaging international listeners passionate about diverse content. EBC is designed to resonate with preferences in Nigeria and globally thus appealing to a broad spectrum of interests. Its programming attracts locals, multicultural communities, and anyone seeking a connection to African culture and global perspectives through music, talk shows, and news. EBC aims to bridge cultures and deliver a world of information and entertainment to your doorstep.

EBC Chairman- Mohammed Edewor

Unique Offerings:

Listeners can expect a mix of music genres, talk shows, news segments, interviews, and live events, all presented in a branded style of programming. Eku 91.1FM is committed to offering a varied and high-quality lineup that keeps the audience entertained and informed.

The Inspiration Behind EBC:

The launch of the radio arms of Eku Broadcasting Company was inspired by a passion for providing a diverse and engaging listening experience. EBC Stations aims to fill a perceived gap in the market for quality content with unique programming that enhances the listening experience. A New Era of Broadcasting in Delta State : EBC Broadcasting Company is a new era of broadcasting in Delta State, comprising Eku FM (English Presentation Style) Gravitas FM (Pidgin Presentation Style) Indigo FM (Basically Sports with match-up presentation style) and TV9. EBC is set to revolutionize the broadcasting landscape in Delta State. Under the leadership of the indefatigable exquisite Chairman , Mohammed Edewor, EBC promises to deliver unparalleled content and an engaging listening experience.

EBC Chairman- Mohammed Edewor

The Chairman- Mohammed Edewor:

Mohammed Edewor, the visionary chairman of EBC, hails from the Eku community in the Ethiope East local government area of Delta State. Born into the prominent family of the late Chief James Ogboko Edewor, the Obaisi of Urhobo land, Edewor’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. A devout Muslim, Edewor is a legal practitioner behind the law firm, ‘Edewor and Co’, domiciled in Lagos. Edewor’s passion for sports and broadcasting has driven him to establish Eku Broadcasting Company Ltd ( EBC), a testament to his dedication to quality content and community engagement. Multitalented in law, telecommunications, sports and in recent , media broadcasting, Edewor is set to distinguish EBC as it premiers digitized FM Stations.

Leadership of Ms. Dew Jemima Wilson:

EBC Group General Manager. Dew Jemima Wilson

The Group General Manager of EBC, Ms. Dew Jemima Wilson, is a simple, kindhearted media intellectual who brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the station. A journalist and two-time Nigeria Union of Journalist (NUJ ) DBS Asaba chapel secretary, Jemima is the past acting chairman of the NUJ DBS Asaba. A prolific electronic broadcaster, an Associate Registered Practitioner of ARCON, a member of the Nigeria Guild of Editors, a member of the NIPR Delta State and the immediate past General Manager of Mega FM Warri. Her leadership ensures that EBC will thrive and provide exceptional content to its listeners.

Commitment to Quality:

As EBC moves forward on its Station’s premiership, real quality of broadcasting and journalism will be experienced. It will be different, it will be something out of the ordinary, dressed in excellence.

Staff Strength and Facilities:

Staff strength of EBC will be over a hundred. EBC provides a conducive atmosphere and staff quarters to cater to both senior and junior staff, ensuring a comfortable and supportive working environment. Staff training within Nigeria is standard at EBC for staff optimal performance.

Programming and International Affiliations:

Gravitas FM will focus on ‘Talk Back’, entertainment, News in Pidgin presentation style for community service and vast listenership thus providing engaging talk shows and discussions. Eku 91.1 FM is designed to cater to a wide audience, including the middle-aged and young, accommodating everyone’s interests specifically in English speaking. Eku FM will launch with affiliate foreign stations and it will be streamed live on social media platforms.

EBC Group General Manager. Dew Jemima Wilson

Digital Transformation:

Eku Broadcasting Company Stations are fully digitized, ensuring modern broadcasting technology.

Eku FM


EBC is poised to become a leading broadcasting company in Delta State, offering a diverse range of high-quality content that caters to a wide audience. Under the visionary leadership of the EBC Chairman Mohammed Edewor and the experienced Group General Manager, Ms. Dew Jemima Wilson, EBC promises to deliver a unique and engaging listening experience. Stay tuned for the launch of EBC and join us in celebrating a new era of broadcasting in Delta State.

Written by Shanni Peace Ufuoma