If a man cheats on me, I’ll retaliate – Dorathy Bachor

Dorathy Bachor

Big Brother Naija celebrity, Dorathy Bachor has bared her mind that she would retaliate cheating if she finds out that her man cheats on her.

Sharing how she acts when in a romantic relationship, Bachor said, “I am more of a loyalist. I can be talking to multiple people but when I am with you, I am with you.I am always open, and I always want my partner to be open with me. Tell me everything. But, if you cheat on me, I will cheat back. You are mine, I am yours; nobody is going anywhere. We are in there together. But, don’t do things to me that you wouldn’t want me to do to you.”

Bachor also shed light on her approach to communication in relationships. She said, “If I call you and you don’t pick my call, I also would not pick when you call me. I am actually that bad, because I have so much insecurity. I like being open. If you are not talking to me, who are you talking to? If I am going to date you or commit to you, you have to give me the same energy. It has to be full energy; you cannot give me half baked.”


Commenting on Dorathy Bachor’s stands, a Social Media user named Rose Tina Rahamin Pearls said “Its her orientation and modus operandi, who am I to condemn or accept what she does for her own life? If it works for her, then its fine. My model is different.”

Also reacting, another Social Media user, Daniel Atarhe said “Person wey fit give a whole pastor Head under the duvet for Big Brother Naija tell me wetin she not fit do.
Cheating na child’s play for her side na”

Dorathy Bachor