Seadogs Restate Commitment To Empowering Outstanding Students For Academic Excellence.. … Hispaniola Deck distributes free instructional materials to students.

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LEKKI / With the aim of fostering academic excellence and nurturing young talents, the National Association of Seadogs (NAS) Pyrates Confraternity, pledged to support pupils of Nursery & Primary Schools in their journey towards becoming spelling bee champions within the next five years. This came as the association generously donated educational materials to exceptional pupils of Ajiran Nursery & Primary School Agungi in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.

Members of the Hispaniola Deck (Lekki-Lagos Branch) of the Pyrates Confraternity embarked on the remarkable initiative on Wednesday, 14 June, 2023, as part of the Association’s ongoing commitment to empowering students and enhancing their educational pursuits.


Responding to questions from newsmen, Mr. Chidi Mbadiuga (1st Mate of Hispaniola Deck), who led the NAS delegation to Ajiran Nursery & Primary School Lekki, Lagos, noted that “Recognizing the critical importance of education and the profound impact it has on young minds, the “National Association of Seadogs, a leading Humanitarian organization is geared towards creating a nurturing environment that will foster intellectual growth and encourage students to reach their full potential.”

He said the visit to the school provides the privilege of interacting with the outstanding students of Ajiran Nursery & Primary school, who exhibited remarkable passion and dedication for learning.


While distributing wide range of educational materials including dictionaries, spelling guides, reference books and interactive learning tools carefully selected to enhance the students’ linguistic abilities and broaden their vocabulary, Mbadiuga expressed the Pyrates Confraternity’s readiness to providing comprehensive support to exceptional students to become spelling bee champions.


“The Association will collaborate closely with Ajiran Nursery & Primary School and its faculty to implement specialized training programs, workshops, and mentoring sessions designed to hone the students’ spelling skills and equip them with the necessary techniques to excel in competitive spelling events.

“Our visit to Ajiran Nursery & Primary School was an incredible experience, and we are deeply impressed by the talent and enthusiasm demonstrated by the exceptional students we met.

“We firmly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to develop his/her potential, and we are committed to supporting these young spellers as they work towards becoming champions in their chosen field by providing them with the necessary resources, mentorship, and guidance. We aim to empower them to achieve their dreams.” The 1st Mate of Hispaniola Deck of NAS asserted.

Management Staff of Ajiran Nursery & Primary School Lekki Lagos during the Pyrates Confraternity ongoing free educational materials distribution to pupils
While inviting stakeholders in education and the wider community to join hands in supporting the noble course, assuring that, together they can transform the lives of exceptional pupils by empowering them to become champions in the world of spelling and beyond, Mbadiuga noted that “The National Association of Seadogs is known for its unwavering dedication to educational initiatives. And this project serves as a testament to its commitment to fostering academic excellence and enabling young talents to thrive.


“In the next five years, the Lekki Chapter of the Pyrates Confraternity will continue to work closely with Ajiran Nursery & Primary School, monitoring the progress of the exceptional students and providing continuous support to ensure their success in spelling bee competitions.” Mbadiuga noted.

Beneficiaries (Pupils) of Ajiran Nursery & Primary School Lekki Lagos in a group photograph with some members of the Pyrates Confraternity
In their separate remarks, the management, teachers and pupils of Ajiran Nursery & Primary School Lekki expressed their profound appreciation to members of the Pyrates Confraternity for the kindly humane gesture. And called on the other humanitarian service rendering organizations to emulate the National Association of Seadogs.

While appreciating the National Association of Seadogs for selecting his school amongst the very many in the locality, the Head Teacher of the school, Mr. Ibrahim Akuruyegbo, said he was very elated to receive the NAS delegation.

Akuruyegbo pledged his support and cooperation in all necessary ways to ensure the laid out plans of the Pyrates Confraternity for the school comes to fruition.