Emilokan (It’s my turn): An Obloquy turning Ubiquitous


By: Cmr. Wilbet Ijeoma

The repository of political nomenclature in Nigeria lately has added to its ranks following the rather ostentatious remarks of then APC presidential candidate, now President-Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, that it is now his turn (emilokan) to become the President of Nigeria. This remarks was greeted by the public with much obloquy, a transitive criticism and unpopularity that no sooner than later, people began to realize the conjectural justification of the remarks.
The justification that a stalwart who have worked for and supported others to ascend leadership positions could claim “it is my turn” (emilokan) is incontrovertible. At the first glance, this remarks exuding gross feeling of entitlement that could offend the sensibility of others in a competitive society and generate public opprobrium, criticism or what could be termed as Obloquy. Notwithstanding, this has definitely stood the test of time as it were because a leader or stalwart works for a reward. Nobody works in perpetuity for another to be rewarded. This is the good law which entreats for the understanding of both common sense and logical sense.
Lately, Ukwuani LGA DTHA member-elect on the platform of PDP, Ogbuefi Chukwudi Dafe openly declared that it was his turn to represent his constituency in State House of Assembly, leaning on the justification that he had assiduously supported and worked for his predecessors.
The sobriquet “emilokan” is gradually becoming ubiquitous, widely acceptable and appealing to stalwarts who are deservedly entitled to next-levels privileges.
Now, Sen. Orji Uzor-Kalu, the Chief Whip of the Senate, has joined the “emilokan” bandwagon by signifying his interest in becoming Nigeria’s 10th Senate President, claiming it is his turn (emilokan) by virtue of him being one of the most experienced Senators to constitute the 10th Assembly, and by the logical implication that the position should be zoned to the southeast in respect of the principle of federal character, equity and fairness.
The former Abia State Governor said he was the most qualified senator for the position based on the senate rules as well as his pedigree. “I am the next ranking member in the Senate going by the position I occupy today in the 9th Senate.
Afterall Tinubu was right and could be justified in his remarks “emilokan”, and Nigeria’s politics has added to the ranks of its nomenclature.