Ex Militants Canvass Support For Goodluck Jonathan’s 2023 Presidential Ambition …..Says Only Jonathan Can Stabilize Ethnic, Political and Religious Differences.


A Niger Delta Ex Militant Group, Amagbein Freedom Justice Movement Force has called on Nigerians from the six geopolitical zones and all social cultural organisations such as Arewa,Ndigbo and Afenifere to shun tribalism, regional,ethnic and political biases and support former President Good luck Jonathan presidential ambition in 2023.

Ex Militants Agitators

The Group in a statement signed by its Spokesman, Alhaji Awo Harmony in Abuja said only Former President Goodluck Jonathan can douse the political, religious and ethnic tension currently pervading the country,so the need for massive support from all political stakeholders.

He noted that at the moment,the nation needed a man with integrity,transparency competence and humility to lead the country which is at the precipice due to political and self determination groups.

“Former President Goodluck Jonathan is the only Nigerian with wide acceptability in the North and South who has been tested and trusted to deliver, more so he has age and health on his side to preside over the affairs of the country “.

“The question of national unity and inter religious crisis will be answered by Jonathan,a man who willingly handed over power even when he had the arsenal to scuttle the electoral process can still be trusted to take us out of the woods”.

“Goodluck Jonathan is the only Nigerian fit to take over from President Muhammadu Buhari based on the fact that till now after leaving office,he does not have any corruption case unlike many serving and past political leaders, Jonathan is a unifier who strongly believes that no blood is worth his political ambition “.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan GEJ

“At this point of our national life,we cannot afford to be looking at only political platforms but the individual capacity must also be considered”.