The Managing Director, Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA), Mr Bello Mohammed Koko, has been accused of bribing investigating officers of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to cover up his multi-billion naira money laundering case, according to an internal memo sent to the office of the Chairman of the EFCC.


According to a leaked memo intercepted, with Reference Number, 4089/EFCC/D.INT/IA/11/014/2021/009 from the office of the Director of Intelligence and dated 16 August, 2021, disclosed that “a source close to the investigation claimed that huge amounts in bribes were paid for the case to be quashed” citing a newspaper publication.

The memo subject titled, “Forwarding of Interim Intelligence Report on Mohammed Bello Koko,” disclosed that ,”The Department of Intelligence had upon receipt of actionable intelligence that the acting Managing Director of the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA): Mohammed Bello Koko was involved in receiving kickback from NPA contractors and other money laundering activities carried out a financial profiling of the said subject and his close associate: Ali Amin Abubakar.”

The memo also states that Bello Koko was prior to his appointment, the ED Finance and Accounts in NPA from 2005 to 2015. “He was also the designated account officer for Rivers State Government up till 2015, while in the employ of Zenith Bank in Rivers State. He and Ali Amin Abubakar are both directors in M.B.K Business Consults and Cethes Co.

According to the memo, “Detailed analysis of his accounts revealed that for the period under review, he received payment in cash and transfers from individuals companies and self-cash deposits amounting to N829, 525,858.13.

“It is significant to note that the subject had received over N60 million from Ali Amin Abubakar and his company: Conspec Engineering that had benefitted awards of contracts amounting to about N1.107.654.133 from the Rivers State Government.

“Similarly, another of Ali Amin’s company: Schwartz Construction Co. Ltd had benefitted awards of contracts amounting to N1 833.173.724,600 from Rivers State Government and contracts amounting to N349.571.285.27 from the Nigerian Ports Authority.

“Also, one Devsol Development Ltd, which had benefitted award(s) of contracts amounting to N5,000.000 from NPA had received monies totaling about N193.385,500 from Ali Amin Abubakar. Consequently, the foregoing strongly infers the subject’s and associates’ complicity in acts of Abuse of Office misappropriation of Public Funds, Fraud and Money Laundering.

“Schwartz Construction Co. and Devsol Development limited are linked to contracts with NPA, while Conspec Engineering is linked to contracts with the Rivers State Government.

“Ali Amin is also linked to Mohammed Koko through financial transactions, Mohammed Koko received a total sum of N54,644,377.00 (Fifty Four Million Six Hundred And Forty Four Thousand Three Hundred And Seventy Seven Naira) for the period Of review.

“Ali Amin Abubakar’s Zenith bank account No. 2001819315 hod inflow of N1,371,756,269.40 One Billion Three Hundred and Seventy One Million, Seven Hundred and Fifty Six Thousand, Two Hundred and Sixty Nine Naira and Forty Kobo) from individuals, companies and Cash deposits by self between January, 2015 and June 2021.

“In view of the findings, It is therefore assessed with a high degree of confidence that Mohammed Bello Koko during his tenure as an Executive Director, Finance & Administration of the NPA influenced contract award to DEVSOL and Schwartz Construction Co. companies linked to Ali Amin Abubakar, and also received kickbacks from NPA contractors. It is also highly likely that Ali Amin Abubakar was instrumental in the siphoning of Rivers State Government coffers through award of contracts to his companies between 2007 and 2015 for the benefit of state government officials (former Governor).

The memo recommended that the Operations Department carries out an in depth investigation into the activities of the subject and his associates in line with the recommendations in the attached Interim Intelligence Report.

While this medium is yet to determine the rationale behind the stalling of the investigation which the memo states,” Information from the EFCC database indicates that no ongoing investigation on Mohammed Bello-Koko and Ali Amin Abubakar”, efforts are being intensified to get more details on the matter and more details will be published as the story unveils.