Group Launches Obidient ‘Labour Party’ App. Verify


Peter ObiDatti Predidential Global
Network, (PPGN) launches an Obidient App, named ‘Labour Party. Verify,’. The app is downloadable from GooglePlay for android phone users.

It is aimed to also be available in AppStore as soon as fund becomes available to list it on the AppStore for iPhone users.

The Global Coordinator of PPGN Dr Michael Chukwujekwu confirmed this in London UK on the 8th January 2023 amidst preparations for the global launching of the app.

He said that amongst other functions of the app which includes the Adopt polling units scheme, the app will help to monitor and sensitise the collection of PVC which is the National cry of Nigerians and the INEC currently.

The second phase of the launching of the app which has numerous functions and milestones will be coming up on the 15th of January 2023.

The Electioneering Obidient app he said has Labour Party structures, Obidient Groups, Verify Functions, Electoral intelligence, Donation Platforms, Incentives schemes, Voting intelligence and image capture, Location advantage and jurisdiction, Groups News updates.

The Chief Enterprise Architect Kingsley Ikem-Ifudu and his team of Developers said that further functions and milestones as requested by the PPNG will be continually added to the app as the election dates draw nearer.

PPGN in Synergy with all Obidient Support groups and Labour Party, requests all lovers of New Nigeria and good governance to download and use the app. This will make them be abreast of the Nigerian 2023 general election at the comfort of their respective locations globally.

Join the major global launch on zoom at 9:00pm Nigerian time on Sunday 15th January 2023.

ObiDatti wins Nigeria wins.

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