“I Won’t Sit in the Comfort of My Office Expecting Quality Projects,” Minister Momoh ……Expresses Satisfaction over Ministry, NDDC Projects in Calabar


The Minister of Niger Delta Development, Hon. Engr. Abubakar Momoh, has expressed his determination and insistence on demanding quality project delivery from the ministry and the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), stating, “I won’t sit in the comfort of my office to achieve quality jobs; I will be in the field to follow up on projects.”

The minister, who expressed satisfaction with the quality of projects executed by the Ministry and the Niger Delta Development Commission in Calabar, said, “The administration of President Bola Tinubu believes in quality jobs. Being at the helm of the ministry, I will ensure and insist that the right thing is done.”

Accompanied by the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Shuaib Belgore, and Directors from the ministry, the minister inspected internal roads in Akim Oqua community in Calabar municipality, the State office of the ministry in Calabar, and Town Hall amd road projects at the University of Calabar on Friday.

Speaking to reporters after the project inspection, the minister remarked, “We have inspected roads inside the city, and we are here at the University of Calabar to examine networks of roads initiated by the NDDC. Many of them have already been constructed, and the pending ones will be completed. I can see that side drains have also been constructed, indicating that these roads will be completed shortly after the rainy season.

“I want to take this opportunity to call on the Managing Director of NDDC to urgently complete these roads at the University as soon as the rains subside.

“I am also very impressed with what I am seeing here—a spacious town hall constructed by the Ministry of Niger Delta Development. These are the kinds of projects we need across the Niger Delta region.

“When I assumed office as Minister, my first statement was that the administration of President Bola Tinubu believes in quality projects. Whether it’s a two-kilometer road or more, it should be of top-notch quality, not just constructing several kilometers of roads that deteriorate quickly.

“From what we have seen here, particularly the University roads and adjoining city roads, they are well-constructed and in excellent condition. I am very impressed, and this is the standard I expect to continue. With us overseeing the ministry, we will ensure that the right thing is done, and quality projects are delivered. We now understand that we cannot merely sit in the comfort of our offices and expect quality work; we must inspect projects ourselves – at least, that’s what this journey has afforded us.

“I have seen many projects in the past during inspections in other states, and we often condemn them. However, we are genuinely impressed with what we’re witnessing here”, the minister said.

In her response, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar, Professor Florence Bisong, expressed her gratitude to the minister for taking the time to visit the university and inspect the projects. She stated, “I feel deeply honored today to host the Honourable Minister at the University.”

Continuing, Professor Bisong conveyed her congratulations on the minister’s appointment and extended appreciation to the ministry for its consistent support to the institution. She highlighted the significant improvement in the condition of their major road, previously impassable, thanks to the ministry’s intervention. She added, “We eagerly anticipate further developments at the University of Calabar, like Oliver Twist.”

Regarding the quality of the projects, Professor Bisong commended the ministry, stating, “The projects delivered exhibit a high standard, and everyone praises the ministry for this achievement. Even the projects they are currently undertaking are of exceptional quality. The drainage work is up to standard, the road size is perfect, and the town hall meets high-quality standards. We are exceptionally pleased with the results.”