Labour Party Clears Miss Doibo For Bayelsa Guber Primaries … Campaign Team Appeals To Delegates For Support


Ahead of the forthcoming Bayelsa State Governorship Election, supporters of Frontline Guber aspirant, Miss Albertine Doibo, have appreciated the Screening Committee of the Labour Party (LP) for successfully screening gubernatorial aspirants of their great party from Bayelsa State, saying that the OBIdients in Nigeria and the Diaspora were delighted to learn that Miss Albertine Doibo is among the successful aspirants.

This was stated in an appreciation of the Bayelsa State Governorship Labour Party Screening Committee, signed by Chris O. O. Biose, National Co-ordinator, TEAM NIGERIA FOR PETER OBI, on behalf of the group.

The group noted that one of the cardinal principles of the LP is greater inclusiveness of hitherto excluded social forces in the country. That this entails increased effective participation of women and youths in political and economic process of Nigeria. This is a departure from entrenched interests in erstwhile leading parties, PDP and APC, that exist to perpetuate the status quo in the country.


“The LP Gubernatorial Primaries in Bayelsa State is the first Primaries, preparatory to the first Gubernatorial Election in Nigeria after the General Election held in February and March this year. It presents a unique opportunity for LP to live up to its national billing as the Party to build a new Nigeria that works for all rather a hegemonic few.


“We, the OBIdients, hereby respectfully appeal to the LP members, officials and Party Delegates for the Primaries in Bayelsa State to nominate Miss Albertine Doibo as LP candidate for the election. This is the best way to address existing gender inequity, female and youth exclusion from governance in Nigeria.


“It is also the surest way to galvanise the OBIdient Movement nationwide and internationally once again, to passionately involve in the Gubernatorial contest in Bayelsa State.

OBIdients are not asking for Miss Albertine Doibo as Governor of Bayelsa State merely because of her gender. She is an accomplished professional who has displayed requisite character, competence, compassion as well as high principles, impeccable personal integrity and capacity to maximally harness abundant human and material resources of the state for the benefit of all.


“She has already placed before the Party and Bayelsans, her commitment to implement LP programmes, and drawing on her oil industry background, suitably modify them to address specific environmental challenges of a predominantly riverine state.


“Dear LP Delegates, please nominate Miss Albertine Doibo as LP Gubernatorial candidate for Bayelsa State and OBIdients in Nigeria and the Diaspora will join you totally to take the contest from there.


“God Bless Labour Party, God Bless OBIdients, God Bless Bayelsa State, God bless Nigeria.

Chris O. O. Biose,
National Co-ordinator,