On the treacherous rants over UPU adoption of Edevbie

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By Oghenekaro Umukoro

Deltans never take Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe seriously. He seems, comically, to speak first before reasoning which explains the ease with which he probates and reprobates at the same time on any issue.

His latest dabble is on the adoption of Olorogun David Edevbie by Urhobo Progress Union as their best and preferred choice for the Delta PDP Governorship ticket.

As usual, he has come out with superfluous unreason and illogic, holding on straw.

For a brief background: After the rotation of Governorship position had gone first circle across the three senatorial districts of Delta State, it was generally expected that it will restart from Delta Central. Following a curious suggestion in high quarters that the rotation might not continue on district basis again, the Delta Central PDP formed DC-23 to lobby political groups and traditional rulers across the state to keep faith with the district zoning which should have Delta Central produce the next Governor.

Oghenesivbe was initially part of the group but he resigned midway. Some say it was because he was denied appointment as the group’s Media Officer by the members who purportedly described him as “unstable and corrosive.” He reportedly said he was asked to jettison the Urhobo lobby group by Governor Okowa, suggesting that the Governor was not disposed to the pursuit of the Urhobos. Why the Governor possibly is against the Urhobos is still a wonder.

Whilst out, Oghenesivbe kept abusing the DC-23, describing it as a contraption of Chief James Ibori, accusing the members of having ulterior selfish motives and justifying rotation by ethnicity.

The elders, knowing that the political interest of the Urhobo nation was at stake, kept focus on their diplomatic mission by which they have been able to build understanding and acceptance across the state, save for those madly intent on undoing the Urhobo nation.

Part of DC-23 mandate, by the advice of the Governor, although doubtfully honest, and the UPU, was to prune down the number of Delta Central Governorship aspirants.

When Oborevwori scaled through the first round of pruning from 12 aspirants to 5, and the second round from 5 to 3 which saw the elimination of other aspirants, Oghenesivbe and the Oborevwori camp hailed the process.

While some of those eliminated accepted the outcome and others are still insisting on running, more new aspirants from Delta Central have been sponsored into the race, possibly to undermine the efforts of DC-23 in holding the district together.

As they say, elders cannot stand by while the she-goat suffers the labour of birth on the leash. Given that the direction of power rotation has not been clearly redefined, the large number of Delta Central aspirants, if left so, would sure undo the Urhobos at the primaries.

Enter the UPU, the socio-cultural governing body of Urhobo nation.

They called the various aspirants for scrutinisation with a view to seeking out the most qualified and best prepared in order to present not just a common front but to ensure that Delta Central provides Deltans a Governor that can perform.

Oborevwori was first to appear at the UPU interactive session on March 17 while Olorogun David Edevbie also presented himself on a later date.

Reporting the event and it’s objective by himself, Oghenesivbe informed us that the President General, Olorogun Moses Taiga, and the UPU Executives made it clear that they intended to scrutinise and sieve the aspirants.

Wrote Latimore:
“He said UPU is father to all sons and daughters of Urhobo nation across the political divide, adding that the union will always be apolitical, neutral in political affairs BUT want the best among equals to govern the state, and AS SUCH the union will do the needful by scrutinizing the presentations and pedigree of all aspirants with open heart and mind.”

So, clearly, the purpose and objective of the interaction and the possible outcome of settling for the best was never in doubt.

Continuing his report, Oghenesivbe wrote:
“Oborevwori commended the leadership of the union under Olorogun Moses Taiga, saying that UPU’s 90th anniversary was a huge success BECAUSE OF THE QUALITY OF LEADERS currently PILOTING THE AFFAIRS OF URHOBO socio-cultural organization. He assured UPU of a brighter future for Delta State, Deltans, and Urhobo nation, and urged PG Worldwide, Olorogun Moses Taiga, and the union to support his governorship aspirations to win the 2023 governorship election with a wide margin.”

Oghenesivbe quoted Oborevwori himself to have said as follows at the interaction:

“I am humbled by this invitation to interact and cross-fertilize ideas with the leadership of UPU Worldwide represented by the executives of the union. I am your loyal and humble son and I have enormous respect for our Urhobo leaders and this great union. You sent me to the House of Assembly in 2015 where I became speaker of the House with your recommendation and influence.” (End of quote)

At the completion of the interactive and scrutinisation sessions which the aspirants, especially including Oborevwori and Edevbie, freely subscribed to, the UPU finally came up with their verdict. They adopted Olorogun David Edevbie as their best choice.

It was just as it happened with DC-23 in which Oborevwori succeeded through two sessions to emerge along with Edevbie and Chief Kenneth Gbagi. This time with the UPU, he didn’t scale through and all hell is lose.

Against Oborevwori’s earlier acknowledgment and commendations of “the quality of leadership of the great union,” they want Deltans to believe that UPU’s verdict was commercial. Like the butterfly feeling like a bird, he is again insulting the UPU like he earlier insulted DC-23.

Ironically, as quoted above, Oborevwori testified that the UPU supported him to the House of Assembly where he became the Speaker also by their “recommendation and influence.” His very words as reported by Oghenesivbe.

Obviously the process can only be right when it favours them and never good when it does not favour them.

The UPU is racing against time to ensure that the Urhobos and Delta Central do not undo themselves with multiple aspirants at the PDP primaries, given the lack of clarity on rotation and obvious hard stand, manipulation of the process and the intimidation of delegates and LG party officials, elders and leaders by Governor Okowa, State PDP Chairman Kingsley Esiso, and some principal officers of the State Working Committee.

With due respect to Oborevwori, Deltans know a bad market and they are already saying so. They have been indeed terrified about the future of the state by suggestions that Okowa was backing Oborevwori who himself says his best credentials is his “Street Credibility” and records of not allowing the police to enter Alaka because of his street prowess.

These sound bites have been disturbing to Deltans and all well meaning and responsible members of the PDP who care for the life and future of the state.

In fact, it could be in acknowledgment of this poverty of integrity that there were suggestions that those toying with Oborevwori for Governor may have dumped him and clandestinely raised another ghastly move aspirant whom they are still veiling.

It could not have been any surprise, therefore, that the UPU settled for Edevbie who is well reputed for his high qualification, experience, capacity and track records of performance in both private and public service.

They is an ocean of difference between Oborevwori and Edevbie and Deltans know that. Okowa and Kingsley Esiso also know that. Why they are doing what they are doing is still a mystery to Deltans.

We must praise the UPU for standing up not only for the Urhobos and Central District but for all Deltans by pointing us to the best direction.

The rest of the rants would remain mere childish talks. As we say, where elders see sitting, children can’t see standing.