Onyeme Calls For Prosecution Of Those Who Lie Under Oath


THE Deputy Governor of Delta State, Sir Monday Onyeme, has called for the strengthening of the law to prosecute those who tell lies under oath.

Sir Monday Onyeme receiving Mrs. Phil Obanor’s speech

Sir Onyeme made the call on Tuesday when the management of the Nigeria Television Authority, NTA Channel 11, Asaba, paid him a courtesy visit at the Delta State Government House, Asaba.

At the occasion, the Deputy Governor stated that the media should also, crosscheck facts before publishing, asserting that the media must protect the truth at all times.

“Recently, there is information that the Deputy governor was dismissed from the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN, for forgery; why some of us refused to comment on the issue is because, it is very laughable, forgery of what? Why would somebody like me forge? What am I forging? Is it the certificate or is it financial document? What did I forge? And this institutions are still there, functioning, all the principal officers are still there for ease of verification.

“How can a respected Nigerian come out and begin to say things that are not true? Is it because we don’t have solutions for people who go to the public to tell lies under oath? I don’t think our laws are strong enough against some of these things, if not people will not just come out and say things that are not true; such persons ought to be prosecuted.

“In your imagination, you raised allegation against a person, create a panel to try the person, sat as the Chairman of the panel – there was no witness; you found the person guilty, got the person dismissed from service; all in your imagination without any other person corroborating what you are saying and you come to the court of law and under oath, you say such things and claim that they are true.

“So, I am happy that the General Manager, NTA Channel 11, at least know a little bit about my background and I am very sure that when you get any story, you verify you facts, even without response from us, please tell the world the truth because, there is no element, no sense in some of these stories; it is only in politics that we see people coming out to say things that has never happened anywhere.

“The Nigerian Television Authority NTA, have been collaborating and partnering with the Delta State Government for a very long time; you are not new and strange to us; we know you to be very good partners of government; let me appreciate you for deeming it fit to come to congratulate us on our election victory and pledge to continue with the partnership.

“In the course of your address, you also talked a little bit about my humble self, my sojourn in the North and South East, Calabar and the rest, I want to thank you for doing a very good research on me.”

The Deputy Governor, used the occasion to urge the media to always protect the truth, asserting, “it is very good to get the necessary facts before publishing or going on air, because, if you know so much about what you are giving to the public, then, I am sure you will be in a good position to respond when you get some information that are very untrue; so, thank you for doing what you do and you should continue to protect the innocent and do not allow bad elements of our society to create a picture to deceive the public.

“If you give the public wrong information as a media organization, before you know it, the general public will begin to accept it as truth, so, your organization and other media partners should always look at these stories and ensure that truth prevails.”

Earlier, the General Manager, NTA, Channel 11, Phil Obanor, had in her speech, observed that, “the Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori’s administration is loaded with brains, people who are determined to make the state better.”

While pledging the effective coverage of activities of the government of Delta State, Obanor heaped accolades on the Deputy Governor, reeling out his credentials, asserting, “Your Excellency, we have benefitted immensely from your media-friend disposition.”

The Deputy Chief of Staff, Government House, Sir Christ Osakwe, was among those who witnessed the courtesy visit.

Pics: Deputy Governor of Delta State, Sir Monday Onyeme, presenting a souvenir to the General Manager, NTA, Channel 11, Phil Obanor, when the latter led top management staff of NTA to pay him a courtesy call on Tuesday, 25/07/23.