Ovoke Omagbemi Felicitates Gov Oborevwori on One Year in Office

Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori

By Wale Nice

In commemoration of His Excellency Elder Sheriff Oborevwori’s one-year milestone in office, Hon. Ovoke Omagbemi joins the people of Delta State in celebrating the remarkable achievements and progress made under his leadership.

He said Governor Oborevwori’s commitment to the MORE Agenda has laid the foundation for Meaningful Development, Opportunities for All, Realistic Reforms, Enhanced Peace and Security, and Expected Outcomes throughout the state. In line with his campaign promises, his administration has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to fulfilling its obligations to the people.

Hon. Ovoke Omagbemi

According to him “One of the standout accomplishments of Governor Oborevwori’s one year in office is the substantial progress made in job creation and massive projects across the three senatorial district. Through initiatives such as the Delta State Youth Empowerment Program and the Civil Service Recruitment Exercise, thousands of job opportunities have been generated, contributing to the economic empowerment of Delta’s citizens.

“Furthermore, the administration’s focus on economic growth is evident in the significant increase in the state’s GDP and the substantial improvement in Internally Generated Revenue (IGR). By implementing innovative revenue generation strategies, Governor Oborevwori’s government has ensured a more robust financial foundation for Delta State.

“Additionally, the investment-friendly policies enacted by the administration have led to a notable influx of capital into the state. This surge in investment interest underscores the confidence that both local and international investors have in Delta State’s potential under Governor Oborevwori’s leadership.

“As Hon. Ovoke Omagbemi extends his congratulations to His Excellency Elder Sheriff Oborevwori, he acknowledges the transformative impact of Governor Oborevwori’s governance and expresses confidence in the continued progress and prosperity of Delta State under his visionary leadership.”