Owelle Blasts Governor Ifeanyi Okowa Over The Deplorable State Of Roads In Anioma Nation.


By Newsview

Delta billionaire, philanthropist, business mogul Owelle 1 of Onicha Olona, High Chief Jerry Nkeweshe has expressed sadness over the deplorable state of roads in Ezi, Ukala Okwute and Ebu in Oshimili north local government area delta state.


According to The Owelle of Olona, over the last seven years of governor Ifeanyi Okowa led PDP administration indigenous of Anioma nation have been subjected to gruesome experiences plying these roads:

Many have lost loved ones, valuables among other things to accidents that regularly occurs due to the decaying state of the roads.


Bad road networks are highly characteristic of the Delta state under the leadership of Okowa.


However, it has now become a lifestyle for Delta drivers to learn how to manoeuvre their vehicle steering when driving on these bad roads that has notorious potholes, car-eating craters, and deadly ditches.

Bad road in Delta

Despite the governor self-acclaimed title “Roadmaster” road networks in the state have suffered neglect since inception of this administration.


“Okowa have refused to fix the roads and the few roads being constructed are substandard already failing before completion”


“As an Anioma son one would expect that Okowa would consider the Anioma people with basic amenities especially good roads for ease of transporting goods and services, but that’s not the case.


“Anioma roads have degenerated so badly that when it rains, it is almost impossible to drive.


“Flooding has been normalized, and sometimes, it is worsened by overflowing street refuse.


“Anioma people have so lost confidence in the state that many no longer complain about poor governance.


“Bad road networks in Delta state have become a normal lifestyle for the people.


“Corporate workers have made rubber slippers part of their office outfits as this makes waddling through rainfall puddles easier.


“Warri City has it worse, with potholes so bad that it is hard to tell if they hadn’t always been like that.


“It also doesn’t help that one of Delta most plied roads, Ezi, Ukala Okwute and Ebu has become a death trap”.


The Owelle of Onicha Olona described his travel on Delta roads in these words, “The feeling from surviving a fall from maybe 200 flights of stairs is akin to what you get every time you travel by road through Delta State.


“The road networks in Udu, Ughelli and Agbarho Orhokpokpor represents a situational irony.


“The state of the roads in Agbarho Orohokpokpor, is so deplorable that citizens have begun coming up with alternative narrow routes in places that normally wouldn’t be treaded.


“Agbor/Owa Alero the governor’s own town have been eaten up by deep erosion, with marks that look like aftermaths of earthquakes, this is even as the state benefits from Nigeria’s Ecological Fund.


“Governor Ifeanyi Okowa always claims he is working “Roadmaster” but this is not evident in the uneven roads across the State”. Owelle said.