PALACE TUSSLE: No Apology, No Headway – Prince Tony To Siblings.


As part of efforts to secure lasting peace in view of the palace tussle occasioned by the demise of the Queen mother of Oleh Kingdom, Prince Tony Ovrawah, has urged his sibling to publicly apologise to their father or face the wrath of the law.

The statement is following the postponement of burial arrangement for the late Queen mother due to pending litigations. It should be noted that this is the 2nd time the late burial arrangement is been postponed.

In the statement made available to the Press, Prince Tony recalled that the Oleh Monarch, HRM and others were invited to FIB, Special Tactical Squad, Force Headquarters Abuja, by the police.

“The invitation followed petitions by Michael Ovrawah, Leonard Ovrawah, Maggie Ovrawah, Onome Alagba (nee Ovrawah), Karo Ogundele (nee Ovrawah) and Victor Ovrawah, all children of HRM.

“Upon arrival at force headquarters, and during interview, Micheal, Leonard, and Victor, who represented them all at Abuja, told the police that really, their father (HRM) did not kill their mother, she died out of psychological effect and serial illness, and accepted that all the allegations levelled against HRM the Odio Ologbo of Oleh, were not true.

“The Police men at Abuja were terribly shocked if HRM is really the father of these children, having heard his explanations/presentations.

“The police in their wisdom advised that since the matter was a family issue, they should go home, settle, withdraw all matters from court, then bury the late Queen mother, who has been at Oweh Clinic mortuary in Oleh.

“This petition to Force Headquarters was the second, sponsored by Leonard Ovrawah, who was dismissed from Heritage Company few years ago, because of same misconducts and ill transactions.

“The first petition accused HRM and myself (Tony Ovrawah) in United States of America of MURDER on the Queen, which aggravated me to seek Court intervention for Autopsy, to determine the actual course of death of their mother, because we are in a civilized world.

“The Magistrate Court sitting at Asaba, had earlier given an order which reads: “It is hereby ordered that the body of the late Queen should be and must be preserved until the preliminary objection in this case is heard.

“This matter is hereby adjourned to the 24th day of May 2022, for hearing in preliminary objection. Parties are hereby ordered to maintain status quo pending the outcome of the preliminary objection.”

A source said, “After returning from Abuja, a family meeting was convened and 26th of August 2022, was fixed for the burial. However, Tony was not at Abuja, even his lawyer was not there. Tony had maintained that settlement can be in view only if his siblings tender an unreserved apology to their father, who suffered a lot of humiliation and attack both on social media and publications.

“Tony’s words: “My father is a king and he is 85years old. My siblings have published enough false stories against me and my Dad. I took my siblings to court, not my father, because they petitioned to the police that, me and my father killed our mother, meanwhile, I am in USA.

“I do not want my children to receive the embarrassment tomorrow. If they have the guts to tell Abuja police that all the petitions against my Dad are false, why won’t they have same guts to apologise to my father?. Satanic ego and pride is their bane. My father is on my neck to let go the matter, but I said, No. He invited his colleagues and adequately prepared for the burial, thinking I will let go, but I insisted. You can not give my father public disgrace and come to the bedroom to say something else.

“I am not mad. I told them to apologise to me, they said, no way, and I told my father, family members, our lawyers that until they write apology letter to my father, I won’t withdraw the matter. The last publication is that my father has joined Ogboni. How? joined Ogboni at 85?. Leonard’s lawyer accepted the apology, but Leonard refused. I didn’t know I have such mad siblings who are unreasonable before.”

“On 23rd August, Oweh wrote to Commissioner of Police and my father, notifying them of the threat from my siblings, and CP said, until the court order is vacated the corpse cannot be released or burial take place. That is the true position. “

“That same 26th day August, Leonard hired a handful of women, who are not from Oleh, gave them N500 each to protest to Oweh clinic to request for the corpse and the protest was led by Micheal Ovrawah, a 52years old fool, who was equally sacked from Delta State University, Oleh Campus for behaviour like this. They were driven away by Oleh DPO, who was on ground with his men at the instruction of the CP.

“My father is a quiet man, who has trained my siblings and equally positioned them. My siblings are humiliating themselves, not my father. Whatever is happening now is due to the insensitivity, arrogance and stupidity of my siblings. I demand an official apology to my father.” He stated.