Samuel Eto’o Accused Of Match-Fixing

Samuel Eto'o

Barcelona legend, Samuel Eto’o accused of match-fixing in Cameroon after ‘helping second-division champions Victoria United achieve promotion last season by influencing referees’

According to Camfoot, Eto’o, who is the president of the Cameroonian Football Federation (Fecafoot), allegedly promised to promote second division club Victoria United by manipulating matches.

Victoria United ended up getting promoted, with the federation ruling that the previous season’s runner-up Stade de Bertoua was ineligible.

Recordings reportedly emerged in which Eto’o told Victoria’s president Valentine Gwain, that he would help the team get promoted by manipulating referees.

Eto’o said: ‘There are things we can do, but you have to be very discreet, brother.

‘I haven’t even had time to get home yet. I’m out, bro. I haven’t had time to get home and work with the president (of the Cameroonian referee’s association) because I can’t call the refs directly and tell them to be careful. But I can work with the president.’

The conversation is said to have happened after Victoria lost 1-0 in December 2022, with Gwain interrupting the game to complain about the officiating.

Eto’o was reportedly heard saying: ‘Opopo (Victoria United’s nickname) must go up to the first division. This is our goal (…) This is our Federation. Victoria United will go up.

‘Stay calm, we will grant you the three points and we suspend the referee. But let me at least go back to Cameroon. He arrived on the 3rd (January) at night. So we’ll see you in the office on the 4th. Anyway, I’m going to rule out and disqualify this referee’.

Eto’o went on to explain the importance of having a good relationship with the president of the league.

He said: ‘He has the power. From there, he with his commissions will be able to suspend even the president of the referees.

‘Our club, Opopo, must go up to the first division, that is our objective.’
Eto’o, who also played for Inter Milan and Chelsea, scored 56 goals in 114 caps for Cameroon.

He was elected as the president of Fecafoot in December 2021.

Samuel Eto’o