Sheriff Oborowheri and Lyna Ocholor – The cooking pot

Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori

By Fejiro Oliver

And this government starts with soured Ukodo.

You have started a shortlived government with resentment.

All your security details are outsiders.

ADC is Yoruba, Chief Detail is Yoruba, SSS liason officer from Rivers who is the only person that has been with you for years and acceptable, CSO is Ishan, Orderly is from Jigawa.

This is the first time in Delta State history that only outsiders minus Barry, that all security insiders of a governor have no Deltan and you campaigned on Pan Deltan agenda. You allowed Okowa to give you CSO who’s his former MOPOL coordinator.

I will mention names and every fact that comes with it.

Dear Sheriff, you are my bossom friend and a good one but you will hear this truth.

You have messed up and goofed badly.

You and I know what was promised each person and what you finally did. How did Governor Ifeanyi A. Okowa blackmail you to make such mistake?

You promised Daniel Mayuku SSG while Chief of Staff to be given to Solomon Ighrakpata.

Today, you have chosen Okowa’s sole nominees as SSG, COS and SPOLAD.

You have refused to appoint Director of Protocol that you promised an outgoing lawmaker who’s supposed to match Okowa’s SSG choice for you and now want to take a DOP for you. You said you are under pressure to break such promise.

You promises Mideno Bayagbon the Principal Secretary but gave it to Lyna Ocholor.

What does Lyna Ocholor have against you apart from the sleaze that occurred between both of you as Speaker and Clerk of House of Assembly?

So many things happened in the House of Assembly that I am privy to but overlooked for the sake of our flourishing friendship but this particular one happened in your last days in office and I will tell the world today.

Over N100M was left in the assembly coffers.

What happened?

You gave each elected HOA member N2M each to pack their bags from office and Lyna Ocholor who’s is just a clerk N3.5M secretly without members knowing.

You have started on a wrong footnote that will be disastrous to your few months in office.

As it is, Okowa has hijacked your security and also taken over the government with the imposition of my good friend Kingsley Emu as SSG.

The appointment of DOP to the person you promise is your only redemption from the Owa-Alero cabal and Solomon Ighrakpata as Revenue Board Chairman.

I do not want to be part of those to drive a wedge in your shortlived administration with tye slogan of ‘Sheriff is a Toy’.

Okowa is a bad boy

Fejiro Oliver