The sad tale of Abba Kyari and drug dealing


By Ugo Egbujo

The sad tale of Abba Kyari and drug dealing

Let me break it down.

Abba Kyari called an NDLEA officer on 21 Jan 22.

The man missed the call and returned it.

Abba wanted a private meeting after Jumat that day.

After Jumat they met at a rendezvous

Abba said his boys had arrested a drug dealer who came in from Brazil with 25kg cocaine. Abba’s went from Abuja to Engu to pick their man.

Now this is the deal

Abba and his boys have taken out 15kg from the seizure and replaced it with dummy packages.

The Police boys took 8Kg. The informant, another drug dealer, took 7Kg.

1Kg= 7 million naira

The suspects are with Abba’s boys in the IRT cell

Abba’s boys will have to hand over the suspects to the NDLEA and clean up their tracks.

But drugs suspects always keep their eyes on the seized cocaine.

They will tell the NDLEA the real weight, and often seek to repurchase them through the back

If the NDLEA detects the dummy, then Abba’s boys are in boiling soup.

So Abba proposed to sell 5KG for the NDLEA so that the NDLEA will get only 5KG of real cocaine and 20KG of dummy as seizure

Upon take over of the suspects, the NDLEA will carry out an arranged testing of some of the packages in front of the suspects. Abba’s boys had marked the real cocaine packages. so therandom sampling will be arranged sampling. That way the arrested drug dealers wont know about the deal.

The officer briefed his bosses. They asked him to play along.

Abba proposed to send his brother to drop the cash value of 5KG ie 35M in dollars. The officer refused.

Abba turned up with cash at secret rendevous. Officer insisted on picking it in his car. Car was alreday wired.

After reviewing tape the NDLEA summoned Abba.

Abba has been nowhere

All these happened between January 21 and last weekend

The rot in the police is deep. This might consume the IRT


Kudos to the NDLEA.

That officer deserves a national honour