Delta 2023: The Game Of Politics And Multifaceted Voices Of Deception, gods and goddess.

Delta State

By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq


It is a well know fact that deception has become an integral part of political games in Nigeria, and indeed Africa continent. It will led good men to hell and saints into the lake of fire. God cannot be mocked. Whatsoever a man sow he shall surely reap.

But do not be worried by sponsored propaganda stories and articles of loyalty to the gods and goddesses, either of the sea or of the Atlantic Ocean, for the good Lord Jesus that we serve is in the business of setting the captives free and paying the debt of the bond woman.

The Urhobo ethnic nationality can never be used and dumped, cannot be a pawn of any shaped or size. Urhobos are very patient and sometimes they appear uncoordinated but can be very resilient, dogged and results oriented whenever the need arises. They are humble to a fault but at the same time can be very stubborn when the ships are down.

Don’t listen to PR voices and don’t give in to reckless political permutations that portrays governor Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, as a fetish politician who may have sworn before any deity in order to achieve his political ambition in 2015, NEVER. His landslide victory was divine, a victory well deserved and devoid of juju or vudu sentiments or colouration.

Okowa is a genuine christian and have demonstrated it from the beginning of his tenure in 2015 till date, and still counting. Political games and strategies are real and political power is never gotten cheaply, which is why there is bound to be alliances and teamwork in the electioneering process.

Delta Central waited for 16 years to begin another circle of power sharing in Delta State, and not even loyalty to any deity can take 2023 from the senatorial district. The three senatorial districts must remain as one, and be their brother’s keeper. Political coup in 2023 against one and another must be discouraged for us to sustain oneness, peace, unity in diversity.

Disregard any material or satanic piece trending on social media and in public domain, trying to link the governor of Delta State, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, to promises or oath taken before certain deities in respect of 2023 governorship race. This cannot be the correct position and will never be.

The governor is known and seen to have given thanks to God Almighty for all his victories, peace and good governance in Delta State. The alleged dollars traded in 2015 if anything to go by cannot be compared to the unity, peace and political stability in the state, especially the growth and stability of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Delta South handed power to Delta North in 2015, for 8 years, and governor Okowa being an astute politician, a man with good conscience and equity, may not be favourably disposed to handing over power to Delta South in 2023. It will be a clear case of political complication that may led to prolonged political conflicts, if you permit me to use that foreseeable finality.

The field is open to all aspirants, and at the end of the gubernatorial party primaries we shall know whether or not these multifaceted voices of deities will have their way, or that God, will determine who becomes Okowa’s successor.

I am optimistic beyond reasonable doubts that Delta Central will be united and shall collaborate with the two other senatorial districts to have it in 2023, but we do not know at the moment who amongst the aspirants in Urhobo nation will fly the PDP governorship ticket in 2023.

Communication strategists of deities and vudu, should let Okowa be. He is a genuine christian and the apple of God’s eye, not of the gods, goddess or deities.

Stronger Delta, Let’s Build Together!