The Movement for Stronger Delta, (MSD) believes it has become obligatory to urge politicians, their supporters, and the good people of Delta State to ignore the use of ungraceful language and shenanigans by some governorship aspirants in the State.

Delta State

This is especially so, when such improper expressions and crude displays of high spirit are clearly shown as not conforming with decency and accepted attitudes of behaviour expected of anyone who seeks to lead a 21st Century Delta State, the Big Heart.


It is also important to observe that some of these aspirants, rather than make their consultations virtuously as expected of persons with the desired pan-Deltan modesty and accommodation, are dangerously and disappointingly throwing caution to the wind by bandying ethnic trump cards, laced unfortunately with acerbic, provocative threats at the places they visit and the people they pretend to have gone to seek their support.


MSD has stated consistently, times previously, and also wants to reiterate here that nobody can impose anybody on Deltans, not even ethnic-based political pressure groups, traditional rulers’ groups, godfathers, or senatorial-based traditional institutions. Certainly, also, not even governorship aspirants who throw deliberately unguarded jibes, laced with distasteful ethnic threats, during their consultations.


We call on all governorship aspirants to be mindful that the State they aspire to lead is a State of multi-ethnic people, who have leveraged on their diversities to make a success of living together harmoniously as a people with one Big Heart.


This impressive bonding of heartfelt brotherhood has continued to propel us to live as one big family, aspire to greater heights, and achieve outstanding laurels in all fields of human endeavour that have identified us as “proud Deltans” and distinguished Delta State among the comity of States in Nigeria and led to the now nationally acclaimed and universally accepted catchphrase: “Delta no dey carry last”.


It is against this background, therefore, that MSD is appalled by the resort to ethnic threats and innuendos by some aspirants in their ongoing consultations, instead of telling the people about their plans and purposes for seeking to be supported in their ambitions to govern the State.


Is it possible that these aspirants are telling Deltans, ab initio, of what to expect from their administration? Are they already saying that they will be more of governors whose government and governance will be influenced strictly by tribal considerations and loyalty to the detriment of other tribes and peoples?


This is the emerging picture being portrayed with the unguarded comments emanating from the so-called consultations that some governorship aspirants want Deltans to believe they are making. After all, the Bible has stated it clearly, that “From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks”.


Without doubt, Deltans are observing each governorship aspirant as they move about making their consultations and we in MSD are quite pleased and impressed with some aspirants who have exhibited decency in their public outings, deployed commendable articulation in staying with and promoting the issues of their manifesto, and maintained a seemingly objective level of camaraderie and inclusiveness in their interactions with all sectors in the State.


It is also important to reiterate that our dear Governor, Senator, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, the Ekwueme of the universe, has stated clearly, unequivocally, and categorically, that the PDP, under his watch as the leader of the party, will provide a free and fair level playing field for all aspirants during the primaries, so it is absolutely uncharitable for some aspirants to be going about making reckless threats when the party has not even released a guideline for the conduct, processes, and participation for the primaries.


Governorship aspirants, in particular, ought to display maturity and decorum in their consultations, instead of making divisive and derisive comments with a capacity to heat up the political space in Delta.


The people of Delta State, therefore, demand of all governorship aspirants to be more guided, circumspect, and responsible with their utterances.


MSD also believes strongly that our highly articulate and very proactive politicians are keeping tabs and records of the actions, utterances, and idiosyncrasies of each of these governorship aspirants, so as to do their plus and minus in a way that will eventually influence and determine their choice of the best candidate that will be presented to Deltans from the party primary elections.


Delta State does not need and will not require the services of anyone who will engage in political genocide to be causing disagreements, promoting friction, and encouraging conflict and hostility to peoples of other diverse tribes and ethnic nationalities as Governor.


The person that the people of Delta State desire is one with a pan-Delta mindset and mentality; one that will carry every Deltan along in his or her inclusive administration and not an intemperate tribal bigot or jingoist with disdainful, pugnacious, querulous, overbearing, and pettish character.


If you know you are a serious Governorship aspirant and this description fits you, then we advise you to either change your ways from now on, or step down graciously from the race before Deltans disgrace you eventually. A word is enough for the wise. Those who have ears, let them hear.


This, indeed, is the simple agenda for building a #Stronger Delta, for all Deltans.