Na Edevbie oooooo*


After all the talks, arguments, counter arguments, endorsement, no endorsement, the real task of governance is about knowledge and capacity to raise resources and the management skills to apply the resources for the development of the state and the people.

In everything, there is always good, better and best and it is clear to all Deltans that Edevbie stands out as the best, most qualified, most experienced, most competent, most exposed.

It is for this reason the Commonwealth Development Corporation assigned him to take charge of their development investments in Malaysia, India, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Pacifics and various other nations across the continents of the world.

It is for this reason that, just as Obasanjo saw and brought back our dear Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala from the World Bank to help Nigeria clear its debts then, Ibori also saw and brought Edevbie back to serve Delta State. He proved himself from day one by raising the state finances from N6b in 1999 to over N60b by 2003 and led the fight for the payment of 13% Derivation to Niger Delta States which now provides the funds for DESOPADEC. Many Deltans have also testified to how he reformed the state finance processing system such that he doesn’t need to know you and you don’t need to see him before you get your pay or your due, which is truly how government should work.

It is for this reason that Yar’adua made him the Director of Finance and Strategy of his Presidential Campaign Organisation and later appointed him into the Presidency to serve as  Principal Secretary, a position by which he virtually administered the whole country. He proved his commitment to his people by conceptualising the Presidential Amnesty Programme which helped to stop militancy, fostered education and skills acquisition for the employability of Niger Delta youths and provided a peaceful environment to restore Nigeria’s oil production output without which the nation would long have collapsed. He also fought for the establishment of the Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs to add another funding platform for the development of Niger Delta States.

It is for this reason that Governor Okowa brought him back to serve Delta State again as Commissioner of Finance and Chief of Staff for which Okowa has acknowledged that he has provided genuine leadership, invaluable professional skills and advice for the development of the state and does things like they are done in developed climes.

Such is the essence of Edevbie, the David of our time, anointed to kill the Goliaths of poverty, infrastructure deficits and low economic growth that affects our people.

Deltans, let us make no mistakes nor be deceived by any sentiments or propaganda. Let us stand with Edevbie for the greater development and modernisation of our dear Delta State.

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