OPINION: Buhari Is Perfect Description Of A Crass Failure


By George Onmonya Daniel

I will describe the Financial Times of London’s description of Buhari as a perfect picture taken by a photographer who knows exactly what he or she was looking for before adjusting the aperture perfectly and taking the shot. If any Nigerian had taken this perfect photo of Buhari and the Buhari administration, the government would have claimed it is photoshop, or distort it as a propaganda by disgruntled elements being sponsored by the opposition. This is not the opposition. This perfect description is from an outsider from outside the shore of Africa.

We have on our own part taken these photos and splashed them in writing all over the internet over the years. Buharists and Buharideens would rush to call us all sorts of names, brand us as those who are still disgruntled over Jonathan’s lost election. They would quickly call you WAILERS. What would they call the outside observer, the Financial Times of London?

The presidency shamelessly even attempted replying even when there isn’t any need to reply. Garba Shehu or is it Femi Adesina, in his response compare the Financial Times of London’s writer of that article to foreigners who breeze in and breeze out of Lagos and then pen down rubbish to discredit their government. Can you believe this?

Buhari’s incompetence and failure is largely printed embosed on the map of Nigeria and one doesn’t even need an expert of an artist to paint a perfect image of it. It is clearly in black and white for anyone to see.

The president and the people inside Aso Rock are seeing history being written about the most disappointing president in the history of this nation. A man who scammed the gullible masses into believing he was their messiah. That’s the good things about the internet age. You get to see you history in front of you before you become history.