Ena Ofugara

By Ena Ofugara

The days when pastors/prophets words cut deep into hearts of the common man and those in power are no more.

What pastor or G. O has said “I need ten people to come out to give 1 million” and added “thou shalt not give stolen money to God. Let it be moneys made with holiness and obedience to the will of God”

I challenge you to provide a video with that addendum.

The truth is that prosperity preaching and “miracle money” and teachings like “a christian cannot be poor” and “my God is not a poor God” and embrace of the church of those whose money have no verifiable source, as well as embrace of thieving politicians and endorsing them on the pulpit is the reason for all this decay in our society.

In our society today, hearing a pastor preach against kickbacks and yahoo is now so strange, the preachers receive pushback. Pastors dare not preach against yahoo anymore because it is now a strange enterprise for them to.

The church is no longer the CONSCIENCE of the society. At least Sundays used to be a time the congregation was berated for their sins and cleansed.

Today, there are cells in the church that gather the rich and encourage them to make money and they call them “KINGDOM FINANCIERS”

Ask the pastor the source of wealth of these KINGDOM FINANCIERS and he will stammer.

If a civil servant gives 1 million naira, should not the church executive council call the civil servant and ask him where he got 1 million naira to give???

Have you ever heard any church do this???

Again, has any pastor called a civil servant and asked where they found the huge moneys they donate every sunday???

MIRACLE MONEY!!! God of Miracle.

From Zoe Ministry of that year, to even Kumuyi of Deeper Life turning to spokesman and CHIEF PR OFFICER of Delta State, finances and all, under Uduaghan administration, the G.O and pastors have valued MONEY/MAMMON over TRUTH AND CORRECTION.

Elijah used to berate Ahab. Nathan told David of God’s anger. The prophets used to flee because they would rather be hungry than be friends of thieving politicians. Even Jesus who ate with a tax collector, the tax collector RETURNED ALL HE TOOK FRAUDULENTLY FROM THE POOR.

Now the church cannot even return a house donated to it by a son that stole the documents from his father who is still alive.

The prophets flee no more. They say what we want to hear. The government is their best friend, no matter how corrupt, murderous or oppressive

The prophets flee to be fed by the ravens and drink from brooks no more.

They now fly in Private Jets and keep moneys in Cayman Island like druglords.

Except the Nigerian church heals itself, Nigeria will continue to be one of the worst places to love.

Soon the prayer at child dedication will include MAY THIS CHILD NOT USE YOU THE PARENTS TO DO MONEY RITUAL, and this is because the church has accepted questionable wealth and made these people KINGDOM FINANCIERS.

Ena Ofugara


Ena Ofugara wrote from the US