You can call him the torch bearer – by Uche Nnadozie (Opinion)


No, Lagos is not perfect. How can it be?! But it’s something. It’s something anyone who seeks national elevation can point to.

If Bayelsa, Katsina’s former governors could become Nigeria’s president, why not a former Lagos governor bikonu.

Little minds have said oh, Lagos has money, as a result it can do and undo. First, the money didn’t fall from the skies. Yes Lagos has improved its revenue but it still has work to do. It’s work in progress. Most other states are work in retrogression.

It is just that the state is better run than the rest of the states in the country. Other states come to Lagos to copy. Tinubu set the pace. That’s why he’s called the pacesetter, the leader – Asiwaju! You can call him the torch bearer, you won’t be wrong.

When Jonathan became president, please can anyone recall what he pointed to in Bayelsa? Nothing! Yet he became.

Tinubu has many life changing policies and programmes to point to. One of them is the one he directed Osinbajo to do. Judicial reforms. The judiciary in Lagos today is the best in the country by far. I’m not saying we are where we should be, but we are no longer where we used to…

Why do kick and start? Why trial and error when you have a sound, forward looking, reform-minded, progressive aspirant you can trust with wide national and international contacts.

He has done it before. He will direct new revolutionary ideas because he has not stopped reading and he has not stopped organising since he left office.

Tinubu is the man of this moment. APC delegates give him the ticket, he knows what to do with it.

#BAT2023 #tinubu2023

– Uche Nnadozie