As Presidency Named Zulum The Star Of The Government


By Dr. Ugo Egbujo

The presidency had named Zulum the star of the government

They said we should watch out for him in the coming months and years.

I will keep my eyes on months

The contest in the APC is between Amaechi and Tinubu. Osinbajo could be used to settle the dispute.

All of these three will need a widely acceptable northern candidate as VP.

As at today, the best two in the north for that role will be Zulum or Kwankwaso.

Kwankwaso is presently non aligned

Zulum is with Shettima and Tinubu.

If Amaechi picks the ticket courtesy a Buhari
endorsement, he will need to appease Tinubu.

Nobody can start that rapprochement better than Shettima and Zulum.

An Amaechi/Zulum ticket will have a national appeal if Tinubu is accommodated

The gap it will leave in the Northwest will be filled by Buhari campaigning for Amaechi.

The old man is still around and fitter than ever.

An Amaechi/Zulum ticket backed by Tinubu and Buhari will make 2023 presidential elections a mere formality regardless of whom the PDP presents.

The president has shown that he is unlikely to endorse Tinubu

If the president endorses nobody, then Tinubu will take the ticket

Zulum or Kwankwaso will still be his best picks. But Shettima will also be enough.

The Muslim-muslim ticket will raise some dust

But Tinubu’s Abiola-like profile as the epitome of religious and ethnic tolerance will ho his case. His wife io s an RCCG pastor. In the Lagos politics, unlike many other states, nobody talks about religion

So the presidency has asked us to watch out for Zulum

And I think Zulum is coming .