Adokiye Tombomieye

It is no news that The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) has been plagued for years with news of corruption and circumvention of Nigeria’s economy.

Some of the allegations turned out true, other investigations were buried for reasons unknown.

In the face of this, the pool of corruption and corrupt practices in the towers have not subsided.

Recently, some of the key players in the NNPCL Towers were dropped and replaced. Chief in the list was the Executive Vice President (Upstream), Mr Adokiye Tombomieye.

While the former Managing Director, Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC), Mr Ali Mohammed Zahra, Adokiye’s counterpart who was sacked alongside himself, is currently facing a probe on allegations of mismanagement of 28 million dollars, Adokiye seems to be roaming the streets of Nigeria wild and free and claiming to be untouchable despite the plethora of financial infractions and malfeasance surrounding his sack.

This article is meant to bring to public notice some the infractions and the need for the office of the National Security Adviser as well as anti graft agencies to probe as they border on sabotage of National economy, security and integrity of Nigeria.

Adokiye’s sins:

1. Unaccounted For 107 Million Barrels of Crude Oil

According to a report from the office of the the Auditor General of the Federation says that NNPC limited under the watch of Adokiye as Executive Vice President upstream operations of crude oil productions, failed to account for 107 million barrels of crude oil that was lifted out of this country, which figure is, 107,239,436 barrels of crude oil was lifted out of the country for demestic consumption in the year 2019.

2. Unaccounted for 22 Million letter of petrol

The Audit Report from the office of the Auditor General of the federation shows that Adokiye and his allies at the NNPCL did not remit a kobo to the federation account from the 22,929.84 million liters of Premium Motor Spirit also known as PMS or petrol valued at 70 billion naira pumped to two depots, to wit: Ibadan-Ilorin and Aba -Enugu depots between June and July in that same year 2019.

The products as alleged were not received by these two depots. But taxpayers money were paid for them.

3. 48 Million Barrels of Crude Oil

While in Charge of Crude movement, Adokiye facilitated the movement 48 million barrels of crude oil out of this country to China and were sold without remitting any kobo to the federation account.

4. Inflated 1.3 Billion Dollars Pipeline Surveillance Contract Job

While the NNPC announce 48 billion naira as cost of the 18 months pipeline surveillance contract, the real figure was 1.3 billion dollars.

The brain behind the inflated bogus fraudulent amount of multibillion dollar Trans-Niger Delta Pipeline Surveillance contract job that was awarded to tompolo in august last year, and the real amount was N1.3 billion dollars but adokive and his allies at the NNPC Limited told Nigerians and Niger Deltans that it was a 48 Billion Naira job.

5. Allegations of Sponsorship of Illegal Crude Oil Bunkering in the Niger Delta Region

In 2022, the Niger Delta Youth and Stakeholders Congress, an ex-militants group accused Mr Adokiye Tombomieye of sponsoring militancy and crude oil bunkering in the Niger Delta Region.

The allegations were contained in a petition to the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and signed by one Comr Davies Iyieke.

The petition which was officially assigned to the EFCC Director of Operations stated that Adokiye against his oath of office vowed to instigate huge confusion undermining the human, capital and infrastructural development of the Niger Delta, Loss of Revenue for Nigeria through sponsorship of oil bunkering activities and involvement in oil theft amongst fanning embers of fresh crises in the Niger Delta through deliberate exclusion of core Niger Delta youth leaders and stakeholders from all NNPC youth and stakeholders concessional empowerment schemes.

Adokiye Tombomieye