DSCTDA: An Agency Established To Underdevelop Deltans.


By Enitan Abel JOHNGOLD

With over 8 years under its belt and a new management in place, the Delta State Capital Territory Development Agency (DSCTDA) is expected to have a renew spring in its step to collaborate the Governor Sheriff Oborevwori-led government mantra of ‘MORE AGENDA’ in making a difference in the lives of ordinary Deltans, but with the PURE WICKED WAYS of the supposedly interventionist Agency, we are very sure if not assumed that DSCTDA was created to underdevelop Asaba and Deltans.

As an Agency established to give Asaba a befitting look as a Capital city, full and all round development of the state capital territory will no doubt promote tourism, provide more comfort to all Deltans and non-Deltans alike that come to the state capital for one reason or the other and ultimately boost business and commercial activities thereby, enhancing the economic viability of the state, but today, DSCTDA is a CURSE instead of blessing to the common man that resides therein.

Notably, all over the world, intervention agencies are seen helping as palliatives providers but in Delta State, DSCTDA is to create hardship for its people.

Since the exit of the pioneer Director General (D-G), Dr. Clement Ofuani, only arrogant and sadists bent on causing pains to residents of Capital Territory are seen heading the agency. If not how would you explain to me that a responsible government agency tasking and imposing unjustifiable fines on his people at this time when the whole State is lamenting in hardship? DSCTDA have had limited impact on Asaba, individuals, households, and businesses.

No sensible government imposes unjustified fines on its people in this hard time when President Bola Ahmed Tinubu is appealing to Nigerian leaders to begin rebuilding communities and making them into places where love, tolerance and harmony reign.

According to President Tinubu “We must begin to rebuild our communities and make them into places where love, tolerance and harmony will reign. Leaders at all levels especially community leaders and traditional rulers must work to strengthen the bonds that unite us. We must end the cycle of violence and bloodletting.”

But the Delta State Government has continues to bring hardship to Deltans despite the huge allocations receiving from the FAAC monthly and not to mention undisclosed monthly IGR that responsive State Governments are using to develop communities.

Pay a visit to the Delta State Secretariat and you will see thousands of waste bin containers wasting and rotting away yet the Oborevwori-led government is imposing fines ranging from N32,000, N50,000 and above on petty traders and residents of Asaba for not having State Government Waste bin container. Not that the Government provided it to the various residence and the people refused to pay! They registered with Waste Disposal Companies that carry’s their refuse from plastic drums, boutal drums and other waste plastic containers to dumpsites from time to time, but simply because they do not posses the State Government specified container which government itself failed to provide, the DSCTDA now imposes heavy fines and force the residents to pay.

One needs to go see what the kangaroo Mobile Court sitting under the dais of Cenotaph in Asaba is doing to residents. It would beat your imagination when you hear the greedy and alleged bribe collector DSCTDA prosecutor called Isaac Nwosu telling the Magistrate that the Agency’s Enforcement Charge is a million naira.

A petty trader with name withheld said, she has to sell off her refrigerator to raised the money to pay the N70,000 fine and enforcement the Magistrate A. O Monye held DSCTDA Mobile Court imposed on her.

Another lady is already planning of selling the wares in her shop at auction rate just to pay Governor Sheriff Oborevwori-led government DSCTDA Mobile Court arbitrary fine because there is no money and she doesn’t know what to do to survive after that.

A 74 year old retired Architect from Illah in Oshimili North living at Amb. Ralph Uwechue Way who disclosed that he supervised the building of the Cenotaph and the Specialist Hospital Okpanam, despite his plead to the presiding Magistrate and the Isaac Nwosu of DSCTDA was asked to pay what his three months pension cannot even afford. He was just there lamenting.


Another slim tall fair complexion 78 years old business man that was asked to pay about N300,000 was also seen weeping and wailing raining curses on them too.


One would expect a responsible and focused government to provide its choice waste bin to houses and direct the people where and how to pay for it instead of bullying residents of Oshimili South Local Government Area.
Please tell me why can’t people use plastic containers to store waste/refuse that waste collectors carry from time to time? It seems the Delta State Capital Territory Development Agency (DSCTDA) was created to underdevelop Deltans.

The current Delta State Government does not have the people at heart, if not why this time of economic hardship? It lacks humanitarian disposition and not sensitive to the plight of Deltans. Delta State Government does not care if the people live or not. All they care is how to rip off the people…

The DSCTDA should be reminded of how some of its Party candidates were stoned during the 2023 electioneering campaigns because of their evil deeds and the development they failed to bring to their people.

But why should they be worried when they are stone-hearted? Was it not a former head of that DSCTDA that was reported to be slapping people around including an old woman and family member? We read how the Agency’s former boss was destroying, seizing people’s goods everywhere including perishable goods and taken to their Anwai Road office until they rot in the name of development.

On investigation, at exactly 1:06pm of Thursday, 28th March, 2024, in company of a veteran journalist, I walked into the DSCTDA office at the Annex of Olorogun Felix Ibru Secretariat only to be told that they don’t have the Specified Waste bin that I should go to Midwifery Market to buy it. Which means the Agency is only out to exploit Deltans.

Painful and oppressive as it is, the plastic drums and local plastic containers the DSCTDA is penalizing people for is what is being use for waste bins at the Delta State Secretariat premises.

Pay a visit to the Olorogun Felix Ibru State Secretariat, and you find the environment decorated with over grown weeds, the premises is bereaved of maintenance culture, a place not better than motor parks in some States, yet the Commissioner for Special Duties, Hon. Fufeyi Manager, Esq. is telling the local (buker) food sellers to quit the Secretariat on or before Tuesday, 2nd April, 2024.

This food vendors canteens are were the workers go to eat N1000 food. According to a staff in one of the Ministries “where Sheriff government want make we come dey chop for office now abi na everybody get money to eat for their Stomach Care Restaurant. How much be person salary”!

The Oborevwori-led government needs to think humanity first before delving or taking some actions. I over heard a woman, a petty trader praying for Hon. Barr. Bridget Anyafulu yesterday at that same Cenotaph for her leadership style. If you think the people are not seeing you they are watching and on the judgement day, God of justice will visit you.

A Bridget Anyafulu like leader without stepping out of her house will give instructions and the people will happily obey but not ranting and heretical people in positions that couldn’t even give proper sensitization because they are exhibiting government powers to oppress the people.