Okowa begins destruction of Delta State


As Deltans wake up today, Monday, April 11, they will be going about their businesses, but underneath, something terrible is about to happen.

In the desperation to impose his thug on the state PDP, he and Kingsley Esiso, the state chairman has instructed some leaders across the state to launch a fake process for the nomination of ad-hoc delegates for the primaries.

Back in the various local government the criminal leaders who don’t mean well for Delta state are to gather the ward executives of the party away from their communities and into various hotels, homes and holes to force them to sign off on a declaration that a congress has been duly held in their wards from which some predetermined ad-hoc delegates emerged and they will submit the list to Asaba between Tuesday and Wednesday.

This violates the provision of Chapter 8 (50)(3) of PDP party constitution which says ad-hoc delegates shall be elected from a congress of the wards with the full participation of members of the party at the wards.

The constitutional provision is to ensure that the people truly and fully participate in the process of choosing their representatives and delegates but here is Okowa playing smart to mislead the party, destroy internal democracy and usurp the peoples power by fooling Deltans.

While he lies about ensuring free and fair primaries he is doing something opposite which will lead to destruction of the party and destruction of peace in Delta state.

Okowa forgets that he who sows the wind shall reap the whirlwind.