Ifeanyi Okowa


Shakespeare wrote about the exploits of the Roman Julius Caesar and how he fought for Romans, but vanquished for his love of Rome.

Julius Caesar is not alone in the bitting ingratitude of humanity, particularly coming from the Brutuses !

Okowa as the former Governor of Delta State stands out as a man out to better the lots of the people of Ika, but unfortunately ended up as the “Egho Aria” Governor from Ika of Delta State. Like a man dancing so well, but not appreciated, Okowa did his best for his people in Ika, but rejected when it mattered most. Who were those that voted against his ambition to be the Vice President of Nigeria at his homestead in Owa-Alero !? Definitely not residents, but his people who stabbed him like Brutus did to Caesar, his closest friend !

Very many politicians who rose through OKowa in Delta State abandoned him too when it mattered most.

But OKowa is undeterred at elevating the welfare of his people. At the eleventh hour of his administration as the Governor of Delta State, he till embraced the principle of Charity beginning at home by giving the approval to illuminate his community with constant electricity supply through an independent power supply !

Even Jesus was crucified for preaching salvation of mankind by detractors and that action is still being rued by mankind. Okowa remains a man who had sleepless nights to better the lots of Ika people throughout his administration as the Governor of Delta State.

The transformation of Owa-Alero from a sleeping suburb enclave to a boisterous university community, housing many establishments, including the Federal Road Safety Corps and many more, was Okowa’s doing.

Like Nnamdi Asikiwe that started with a fanfare as the Zik of Africa and ended up as the Owele of Onitsha, it is hoped that OKowa as a one time Governor of Delta State would be remembered for transforming the entire state through road networks, empowerment of youths and widows, creating the right ambience for investments, repositioning of the civil service and improving the life span of the people through unprecedented healthcare delivery, among others, in Delta State.